Committees & Workgroups

Work behind the scenes to make Lincoln Options happen!

Fundraising Committee
Coordinates two annual events (Pledge Drive and Auction) to raise money for class activities, the garden, social events, parent meetings, playground equipment, and operations of the council. Contact: Hilary Seidel @

External Affairs Committee
Keeps parents informed about current education issues at the federal, state and local levels.  Organizes responses to issues affecting our children’s education. Attends bimonthly school board meetings. Contact: James Schneider @ or (360) 561-1137.

Social & Appreciation Committee
Plans social and community building events including the winter dance and Teacher Appreciation Week. Contacts: Nicholas Swiatkowski @ or (360) 866-4206 and Michele Landa @ or (360) 915-8629.

Enrollment Committee
Organize Parent Information Nights and Lincoln lottery. Monitors and evaluates enrollment policies. Contact: Mollie Gavagan @ (360) 870-0219.

Communications Committee
Publishes the Opus monthly newsletter, Lincoln School Directory and Parent Handbook.  Manages the Lincoln website. Contact Sarah Clifthorne @

Early Release Committee
Organizes activities during Early Release. Contacts: Addie Spencer @ or (360) 705-0879 and Rosie Finn @ or (360) 866-6859.

Garden Committee
Coordinates care and feeding of garden and greenhouse.  Plans activities for classes. Organizes work parties. Works with interns. Contacts: Aaron Coby @ or (360) 754-9774 and Paul Rocks @

Develop and carry on programs that make Lincoln Options special!

Camp Elderberry Workgroup
Learn more about Camp Elderberry here. Please contact Jill Lieseke at 561-4154 or Barbara Parker at 943-0625 for more information about how you can help with this all-school, spring event.

Transportation Workgroup
Brainstorms strategies, identifies concerns and information needs, and mapping out a plan to address family transportation needs. This group meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:15 pm in the Library. Contact: Marcela Abadi @ or (360) 596-6400.

Spanish Language Workgroup
Explores and coordinates opportunities for increased foreign language instruction. Contact: Marcela Abadi @ or (360) 596-6400.

Parent Band
Play an instrument? Join us! Contact Michael Dempster at

The following workgroups are currently inactive; contact Rob Campbell @ or (206) 962-9282 if you are interested in starting these up again:

Sustainability Workgroup
Works to increase awareness of issues and actions surrounding sustainability. Reduce consumption and waste, worm box, environmentally preferable purchasing, solar panel installation.

Options for the Body Workgroup
Planning and fundraising for playground expansion.

Assessment Workgroup
Develops and evaluates assessment criteria that support Lincoln Options approach of child-centered learning.

Healthy Food Workgroup
Brought the organic salad bar to Lincoln and other OSD schools. Now it’s time to deal with entrees!

Arts & Humanities Workgroup
Provide resources and opportunities for students to explore human thought, works, creativity and culture.

Wetland Workgroup
Maintains the wetland.