Communication is the cornerstone of any successful school experience, and also one of the most challenging. Our goal is to have clear and transparent interactions with parents and students. Creativity in communication and planning is the key to understanding your child’s needs, addressing your concerns, and getting answers to general questions.

If there is a behavior issue or other challenge, teachers will communicate with you through written notes, emails, or phone calls. Simple issues or one-time events may be handled between your child and a teacher or the principal. If the issue continues to crop up, parents will be notified, but the community model for this school allows for minor issues to be worked out between the parties in a way that helps them be accountable to each other. If you are concerned about an event, contact your child’s teacher or the principal, Marcela Abadi.

While trying to welcome or dismiss the children for the day, teachers are often surrounded by students and parents. You may need to wait a few minutes to touch base with your child’s teacher. Teachers are generally available after school, by appointment. Email works well for most teachers if you have a quick question or would like to set a time for a larger conversation.

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