Harvest Festival

Each year the Lincoln community celebrates the harvest of our own garden and the bounty of the season in a morning event on an early-release Friday in the fall. All students gather for an assembly and are then released to participate in outdoor activities and crafts such as cider pressing, woodworking, mud pie construction, doll making, and hay jumping.

Parents, especially those of kindergarteners, should be present to help their kids navigate the activities and to play together. It’s great fun but also very busy. Teachers do their best to make sure all kids feel prepared for this exciting event but it can be easy for younger kids to feel overwhelmed. If you can’t be there, please arrange for another parent or family member to take your child under their wing for the afternoon.

A highlight is the community meal, made using ingredients straight from the Lincoln garden! Kids eat with their families. Serving everyone can be tricky, so be patient with long lines or beat the lines by eating as soon as the kitchen opens.

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