Starting the Year

Class and Supply Lists

The Wednesday after Labor Day is the first day of school. Class lists are sent out a week or two before school begins along with a copy of the first issue of the Opus, Lincoln’s school newsletter. Each class list includes a short list of supplies that each child should bring with them at the beginning of the year. Lincoln supply lists are limited due to the school’s fundraising efforts. When families supply these few items, teachers are able to stretch class funds for other enrichment and activities.

Back-to-School Potlucks

During the last week of summer break, each class has a back-to-school potluck so students and their families can meet their teacher, connect with new classmates and their families, and re-connect with old friends. You will also be able to meet representatives from the Options Community Council (see page 5). Potlucks take place the week before school starts. If possible, plan to be in town during this time so your child and family can participate – it’s a wonderful time to socialize and get to know one another before spending the next few years together! At the class potlucks, each family has an informal picture taken to put up on the wall inside the school. If you miss the potluck, you can always bring in a family picture to add to the board!

Class Meetings

Each teacher schedules a class meeting toward the beginning of the year to give parents/care-givers detailed information about the daily routine and a big picture for the coming year; expectations and responsibilities for students, parents and teachers; volunteer opportunities and expectations; and much more. Students are not part of the meetings so childcare is provided. This is your best and earliest opportunity to get a sense of what the school year will hold, and to make connections with your new community of parents and your child’s teacher.

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