Options Community Council (OCC)

The Options Community Council is a not-for-profit organization comprised of parents, teacher representatives, and a community representative. The organization’s purpose is to support educational opportunities for children in the Lincoln community such as the garden, Spanish program, Camp Elderberry, and funds for teachers to use for classroom enrichment. (See below for more details on volunteering.)


On Friday mornings, the Lincoln community gathers in the gymnasium for an assembly focusing on kindness, learning, and celebration. Classes often perform a song or poem, students prepare a readers’ theater piece, or individual students read their original works. The Parent Band is another vibrant part of assembly, leading students in songs that celebrate the Earth and our unique community. Assembly is always open to (and well attended by) parents. Join in when you can!


Each child at Lincoln is assigned an older or younger buddy from a buddy classroom. Older and younger buddies sit together at assembly and may have reading time or other activities together. Buddies are meant to foster connections between age groups, give new or younger students a friendly face to turn to, and give older students an opportunity to act as helpers.


District-wide conferences occur two times a year. They are a chance to work with your child and the teacher to set goals and check on progress. Parents and children attend the conference together and the conversation is focused on goals articulated between your child and the teacher. Conferences are approximately 20 minutes long so there is a lot to discuss in a short amount of time! Being on time and prepared with focused questions will help you make the most efficient use of this time. If you need private conferences to discuss your child’s development, schedule them individually with your child’s teacher.

In order to accommodate teacher conferences, several days during the week will be half days, at the discretion of the district. On shortened days, there is no half-day kindergarten.

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